Do You Have Pale Skin? Find Out The Skin Problems That Arise!

Do you have smooth and milky skin? Then your skin type must be pale. People with pale skin can look more beautiful than others but often suffer with many skin problems.

If you have this type of skin, then it is very difficult for you to maintain good skin texture because blemishes and tans are easily identified on pale skin and if exposed to sun, it burns intensively.

If you have pale skin, then your skin can show signs of aging much earlier than that of other types.

This is because your flesh type has very less lipids on the surface of the skin to seal the moisture of your skin and also fewer amounts of melanin to protect it self from harmful sun rays.Pale Skin

Pale skin persons can experience early wrinkling of skin and the wrinkles which are formed on your skin are considered as surface creases when compared with dark skin type.

Which type of pale skin do you have?

Pale skin is very sensitive and it will be very difficult for you to maintain healthy skin. It is usually categorized into two different types: one is celtic and other is considered as peaches and creams.

Celtic type:

The flesh of this Celtic skin is not only white colored but mostly characterized with tiny pores of the skin and gives porcelain look to your body. People with this type of pale skin normally have red hair and in some people with Celtic complexion can also have dark brown hair and blue eyes.

If you have pale celtic skin, then blemishes, rashes, scars or any other injuries show up very clearly, particularly on face.

You are also more prone to sun burns and other allergic reactions and infections. These infections are mainly caused because of harmful cosmetics or soaps that you use on your skin.

Peaches and creams:

People with second type of pale skin will not have as much complexion as celtic but usually have pink skin tone and therefore called as “peaches and creams”. Your skin may not be as fair or white as the celtic type but can have pinky undertones.

People with this type of complexion usually have dark blond hair or can have light brown hair.

Even for this type of pale skin, the blemishes, rashes and injuries can be easily shown and also tiny small pores appear on your skin. The burning of the skin when exposed to sun is slightly less when compared with celtic skin type.

How to maintain pale skin?

If you have pale skin, then it is very important for you to follow these 3 simple tips to protect your skin from harmful reactions.

  • As your skin is very sensitive towards sun rays, try to apply sunblock when ever you go out.
  • Choose the skin products or cosmetics which have mild ingredients and chemicals.
  • At the maximum, try to cover your skin, to prevent allergic and infectious reactions.


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