Dreadful Dry Skin? Home Remedy For All Your Skin Problems!

Earlier, for many centuries, people have been curing their own diseases using self-treatment because of unavailability of professional medical care.

Home remedies were most popular treatments for illnesses. Among which people prefer to use home remedies for most of their skin problems. During winter season dry skin care is most important.

Today, however, the tradition of home remedy self-treatment for illnesses seems to be passed away with the years and the practice of home remedy for illnesses also passed down from generation to generation.dry skin

Dry Skin Treatment With Home Remedy

But one ailment that can be treated using a variety of home remedies is dry skin, as it is not a dangerous condition, you can treat minor dry skin problems before you spend money and time to meet a medical professional.

Mostly, dry skin appears during the winter. It occurs due to lack of moisture in your skin implies water deficiency in your skin. Normally you need to drink at least eight glasses of water per day for hydrating your body. It also helps cure dryness problem.

However, medical professionals have proven that this home remedy helps in hydrating your body and not your skin. Instead, they advise you to re-hydrate your skin by soaking in water, rather than consuming.

Soaking for a period of 15 minutes in lukewarm water helps in replacement of water into your skin to ease your dryness. If you have extremely dry skin, then bathing everyday causes negative effects. So, bathe every alternate day in cooler water.

The most helpful home remedy for dry skin is to moisturize using moisturizing lotion. The lubrication of the lotion will be immersed into your dry skin immediately. Moisturizing skin will help you hugely.

Applying moisturizing lotion on your skin after a bath will help grasp moisture into the skin and also gives your skin much more hydration.

Oatmeal is a famous home remedy for dry skin. It is a home remedy that was discovered over four thousand years ago and is still using today.

Oatmeal has been used to get relief from dryness, itching and other skin related problems. Even, colloidal oatmeal powder can be poured into bath water for a great relief to your dry skin. It is available at almost all pharmacies and very easy to use.

Some soaps that include deodorant can be harmful to your dry skin. So, use oatmeal as an alternate to soap. Lye is an ingredient in soaps that can harm dry and sensitive skin. But there are soaps prepared especially for dry skin that without using lye.

Soaps such as Dove contains significantly less deodorant than other soaps and includes natural ingredients instead, such as cream, cocoa butter and coconut oil.

However, no matter what soap you are using, if you have extremely dry skin then use soap as little as possible. It is better to use soap only when you are dirty and when your body really needs.

You have a number of home remedies to try on your dry skin. If you find no improvement in using common medical methods, then try home remedies. Even you can follow home remedy books to get more home remedy ideas for your dry skin.


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