Getting Rid of Dry Skin Around Nose

When the cold season arrives, you might see that you have dry skin around nose, and this means that the low temperatures and the low humidity are drying your skin and it cannot produce enough oil to keep the areas well moisturized. This is why your skin needs your help.

A change in the weather causing dry skin around nose

It is interesting to see that your skin can indicate the changes in the weather. In case your skin gets dried out, it is important not to scratch it, because it will become irritated. In case the skin turns red it means that you are dealing with chafing skin.

Getting Rid of Dry Skin Around Nose

Another reason for which you could have the skin of the nose dry is dehydration. It is a well-known fact that during the cold season people are consuming less water. Since the skin around the eyes and the nose is the most sensitive, it is just natural for them to react to the external factors.

Taking special care

In case you are faced with the skin of the nose being dry, it means that your body is trying to tell you that your skin needs some special care. It is very important to drink enough water, have a healthy nutrition and also enough rest. In the mean time it is better not to get stressed, because it will cause signs of dry skin around your nose to appear.

In case your skin around the nose is dry you should get a cream that contains cocoa butter and vitamin E. During the cold period people should avoid using lotions because they have water as their base and they don’t offer enough hydration during this time of the year. A good remedy is to use aloe vera or olive oil.

Home remedies

During the time when you have dry skin around nose you shouldn’t cleanse your face with harsh soaps and you should also avoid washing your face with hot water. In order to offer the skin the moisture that it needs you should use mild soaps and lukewarm water.

There are a lot of different facial masks that you can create in your kitchen to help in case the skin around your nose is dry. As an example you could mix banana and papaya puree. Apply it on your skin and then rinse it off. Once you are done you could massage the skin with oil.

In order to help the affected areas of dry skin around nose, you could also apply cucumber juice on the skin. This can help tighten the skin structure and for moisturizing the area you should use homemade olive oil mayonnaise. In case you are faced with dry skin all over the body, try applying coconut oil on the skin on a regular basis. This way you will have supple and soft skin.

The only thing you can do to fight the dry skin around nose is to continuously moisturize the area. You could do this by applying avocado pulp mixed with a bit of lemon juice.


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