Effective Winter Skin Care Tips To Prevent Dry Skin!

Winter! It is the time to battle cold winds that hamper to attain healthy skin and hair.

Dry air and harsh wind can sap moisture from your skin and causes chapping, cracking and irritation on your skin. Your skin can get so dry that it results in flaking and even eczema.

Here are simple winter care tips that can help you to prevent and also treat dry and chapped skin.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy the cold weathers, all season long.winter skin care

Shorten those steamy showers!

Even though long steamy showers may give you relaxation for your sore muscles, they are quite good at dehydrating you because hot water eliminates your skin’s natural oils more quickly.

So, try to take short showers with warm water instead of steamy hot. After taking shower, don’t rub your skin; rather pat it with soft towel.

Moisturize regularly!

This is one great way to soothe your dry, chapped skin. Apply moisturizer to your skin to trap in moisture as you step out from shower or bath. Always remember to drink more fluids to provide better hydration for your body.

Don’t skip sunscreen!

Most of you might think that moisturizer is necessary only in summer. But, it is even more important in winter. Do you know almost 80% of sun’s rays penetrate through light clouds, snow and fog? So, even on cloudy day, you should wear sunscreen. Prefer product with sunscreen protection factor of at least 15. Don’t forget to reapply it often.

Soothe your chapped lips!

Usually, lips don’t have any oil glands to retain moisture. So, often your lips can become dry, particularly in winter. These are certain suggestions recommended by many experts.

  1. Don’t lick your lips. The cycle of wetting and drying that takes place when you repeatedly lick your lips, make them to become chapped (chapped lips).
  2. On cold and windy day, protect your lips with your scarf.
  3. Boost the moisture in your home by using humidifiers.
  4. Use lip balm frequently. Prolonged sun exposure can make your chapped lips even worse. Spread plenty of lip balm on your lips often. A lip balm with sunscreen protection factor of at least 15 is always preferable to protect your lips from cold as well as warm weathers.

Use mild soaps!

Particularly, in winter season, it is always preferable to use mild soaps. Not only soaps, all skin care products that you use regularly should be mild. Try to use mild soaps, deodorants, detergents to maintain healthy skin in all seasons.

These quick winter skin care tips can help you to keep your skin healthy all winter long. But, still if you find your skin dry and chapped or worse, immediately consult a dermatologist.


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