Top 5 Tips for Men to Hydrate Dry Skin

Previously, men’s skin care regimen included aftershave and a mild sunburn lotion. However, in the contemporary days, vision has changed. There is a growing awareness amongst men to care for the protective suits they have arrived in. Skin is the most resilient organ of our body as it endures the adverse conditions of the external environment.

It stores moisture, excretes out oil and sweat, protects against bacteria and viruses and performs numerous other functions. Tight, sore, itchy and uncomfortable skin conditions are symptoms that signify that you have a dry skin. Along with itchy and uneven skin complexion, scales and cracks are also likely to develop, lowering your self-confidence and making vulnerable points of entry for bacteria, toxin, debris and allergens.

tips for men to hydrate dry skinDry Skin Care for Men

You can try making some modifications in your lifestyle and toiletries to groom yourself and hence boost your confidence levels. The required changes to improve your dry skin conditions have been arrayed below:

Hydrate Yourself

Drink at least 6 glasses of water per day to hydrate your body and maintain a stable moisture level in your skin. Your dry skin will definitely show signs of development within 6 to 7 days.

Cut out Cigarettes

Limit your exposure to cigarettes and its damages and dries out your skin. In addition to causing dryness, the particles and pollutants in the cigarette smoke settle on your skin and form a residue, blocking the skin pores and darkening your skin. So, kick this habit out of your lifestyle for your skin’s welfare.

Shun Long Shower-Time

Long showers can strip your skin off its natural sebum, protective layering and oil. Cut out tub baths and shorten your showers, taking care to curtail on hot showers. Moreover, avoid unnecessary application of soap; use body wash instead.

Avoid Exposure to Cold Winds

The troubles of dry skin conditions elevates in winter. So, take more care to hydrate and replenish your skin in winter, especially if you spend long hours outdoors. When outside, try to cover up your skin as much as possible to prevent exposure to cold, dehydrating winter breeze.

Use Moisturizer

Your first line of defense against dry skin is a regular use moisturizer. Use a good quality moisturizer for men twice daily to soften your parched skin. Water based moisturizer are recommended for hot weather, while oil-based moisturizer are suitable for winter. Also, remember to wet your skin before moisturizing it to entrap as much moisture in your skin as you can.

Do not neglect the symptoms of your dry skin conditions as skin irritation can sometimes need physician’s aid on prolonged negligence. Skin care forms a part of your personal hygiene and should be an aspect of your daily concern.

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