‘Facercise’ for Younger, Firmer Skin

If you don’t want the cost and risk of invasive skin treatments, or if you don’t want to use a bunch of cosmetics to get that lovely skin, here is an all natural way to great skin – face exercise or Facercise.

It takes just 8 minutes of this facial workout twice daily and you may notice results in less than a week – it could result in fresher looking eyes, smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines, a better defined jaw and neckline and perhaps even a prettier pout!

facerciseIt is claimed that much as lifting weights helps tone the muscles of the body due to resistance, working facial skin against resistance such as the fingers also offers similar benefits of tightening and toning.

What properly targeted face exercises can do is, soften dark circles under the eyes, and brighten the eyes, help to lift and define the cheeks better, and firm up the jaw line and the neck.

The ‘Furrow Smoother’ for instance helps smooth lines between the brows and also helps push eyebrows up.

The ‘Cheek Energizer’ helps fill out the hollows beneath the eyes. The ‘Nose Transformer’ helps your nose combat signs of aging and also helps disguise minor faults.


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