Caviar – The New Skin Care Treatment

Every now and again some new skin care treatment is created out of an indulgence or expensive luxury item and now it is the turn of caviar to be used as an exclusive skin treatment. It is the Sevruga Caviar Facial that we are talking about; which includes hand and foot treatments as well.

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The procedure begins with a stint at the hydrotherapy pool that will stimulate the lymphatic system for optimum absorption of the caviar treatment. Then the Kerstin Florian Caviar, the nutrient rich Russian produce is massaged into the skin.

This is complemented by other treatments including pineapple enzyme peel and orange blossom hydration. This is followed by the rose porphyr stone treatment that concentrates on the shoulders, the temples and the forehead.

As a finishing touch, a masque of marine algae is applied in order to rejuvenate the skin and let the pH balance of the skin be restored by the raw protein content of the masque.

The caviar facial treatment is said to work by nourishing dry skin and stimulating cell metabolism due to its vitamin, peptide and amino acid content. The ultimate in luxury, this one is for those who want to indulge themselves to the hilt.


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