How To Get Yourself A Facial At Home?

How do you get a facial at home and look as if you had been to a very expensive beauty salon? Women have been trying to find ways of getting the treatment at home and come out looking beautiful.

There are several options for homemade facials that cost less than going to a salon. These options can save you a lot of money and give that fresh, youthful appearance that you can get at more expensive places.

There are facial steamers available that you can purchase at many drugstores or online. These steamers will give you the sauna quality facial steam that you can get at more expensive spas and if you purchase them, they can cost the price of one trip at a salon.facial

The great thing about these steamers is that you can put your own mixes to the water, like mint oil or rose hips, also they often come with exfoliation brushes and moisturizers. The steamers last for a lifetime and you get your money back when you save from going to the beauty salon.

When you are feeling stressed a great solution is to have a home spa. Call your friends, get some wine, candles, music, and do one another’s nails and try a few homemade scrubs and facials.

Not only will this save you and your friend’s money, but the bonding and time together is best when it is just you and your friends without strangers around. By using tea bags, distilled water, and cotton balls, you can use items from the supermarket for inexpensive facials.

Try mint tea and chamomile for face cleansers. Another way to make your own facial is using egg yolk and honey as a hydration mask. Mix the two together and paint it onto your face. Your face will feel softer and more hydrated. Boiling ground coffee beans in milk makes for the perfect face scrub. The ground beans exfoliate your face, removing dead skin, while the milk softens your skin.

Home facials give you the same results as a beauty salon and spa but for pennies compared to the prices you pay when you go to the actual spa. It can also be fun to try out new methods and aromas.

Your friends will think it is fun and at home there is a relaxed atmosphere that you do not get when you go to an expensive salon. With the money you save, you can have these fun get-togethers with friends more often than meeting at a spa. You can still get your beautiful, fresh face and skin at home but look like you spent a fortune elsewhere.

In the end is all about you and your beauty…no matter where you get it from.


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