Organic Homemade Facials – Why You Should Try Them

In case you are a fan of the organic cosmetic treatments, you can prepare a home-made recipe by yourself.

These treatments are far more effective than the beauty procedures, especially if you use organic ingredients. One of the most popular organic homemade facial is the honey mask recipe. The honey is a natural antioxidant and it is used in almost any moisturizer for refreshing the skin.


Therefore, apply honey on your face in case you want to exfoliate your skin. Leave it on your face for 15 minutes and your skin will be glowing.

In case you need a strong moisturizer, but you don’t want to risk using moisturizing products that contain chemicals, go for the avocado facial recipe.

An avocado contains substances that provide rich moisturizing effect on your skin.

All you need to do is to mash the avocado, in order to get a creamy texture. Massage your face and neck with it and leave for 15 minutes.

Another popular organic treatment is the lemon facial. Buy a lemon and eggs that are certificated as organic.

Mix the juice of the lemon and one beaten egg white. Leave the facial overnight for a better effect. This is a very useful facial for oily skins.


Many companies are offering very expensive anti-wrinkle products, but the secret is to use organically clean ingredients that are proven as wrinkle fighters.

The banana is great for anti-wrinkle treatments. Mash one banana and spread it all over your face.

Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

In case your skin is irritated and your skin needs deep cleansing, the grape cleanser recipe may help you to heal your facial skin. The grape juice is an amazing cleanser for all kinds of skins. Rub the flesh of the grape on your face anytime you feel that your skin needs cleansing and rinse off with cool water.

If you need a skin toner, you can tone your skin with a cucumber tonic. All you need to do is to strain the juice of the cucumber into a clean container. Apply the juice on your skin with cotton balls and leave it for like 10 minutes.

The olive oil is also a good moisturizer. Before applying any facial mask, you should steam your face with a mix of dried herbs and water, in order to brush off the dirt of your face.


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