Super Facials – High Tech Treatment Options For Your Skin – 1

Move over Botox and fillers, the Super Facials are here to help solve problems of saggy skin, wrinkles, and pigmentation. These innovative newly developed treatments can offer many of the advantages of surgery such as immediate and long lasting anti aging impacts. Some of the super facial treatments are –

Super Facials

The Buccal Technique involves massage from inside the mouth, to target face muscles that could be stressed and tense. This could be a very painful technique, which however has several celebs queuing up to get it.

It isn’t just about improving the skin, but about “priming and toning the muscles and getting them back to where they ought to be,” according to world-class facialist Nichola Joss.

Rather like the alternative treatmentsHellerwork and Rolfing, this treatment also aims to release tight muscle ‘fascia’.

The Parisian Peel or the Simontherapie Collagen Restructuring Masque is designed to give tiredand haggard skin an overhaul. Aimed at reducing pigmentation, dryness and dullness of the skin, this treatment involves painting on to the face, a concoction of fruit acid, which is then covered by a warm electronically-powered mask.

The mask’s warmth as well as the electric charge it produces, blends with the acidic mixture on the skin to get rid of dead cells, without the side effects of a chemical peel.

The Triple action facial targets loose skin and wrinkles using microdermabrasion, acoustic wave therapy and infrared laser in a single or combined treatment.


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