The Most Common Symptoms of Dry Facial Skin

When it comes to dry facial skin, the majority of the people experience the same symptoms. Although the symptoms are pretty much the same, not everybody suffers from them to the same extent. There are some variables that influence the symptoms, and these include age, geographical location, health, and the amount of time that you spend outdoors.

Symptoms of dry facial skin

Actually there are 2 distinct categories when it comes to the symptoms. Some of these are the basicsymptoms of dry skin on the face and these are caused by external factors or the aging process.

In this case the symptoms include a dry and rough texture, while the skin is supposed to be smooth. People could also experience some plumpness of the skin. It might look like it is dehydrated or shrunken.dry facial skin

Instead of having the normal appearance, the skin could look dull. In case that after you take a shower or a bath your skin looks and feels tight, for sure you are dealing with dry skin on the face. It is common in case of dry skin to experience flaking, peeling or scaling.

One of the most annoying symptoms of dry skin is the itchy feeling that could be quite intense. In case of severe conditions the itchy feeling could be so intense enough to bother people in their sleep. If you are dealing with dry skin on the face, you could have calloused skin, meaning toughened skin.

It is natural for fine lines and wrinkles to appear as part of the aging process, but in case of dry facial skin these become a lot more visible. In some cases you might experience severe redness, tenderness of the skin or you could see that some of the areas have become inflamed.

In more serious cases of dry skin on the face you could experience cracks or cuts in the skin that are bleeding. All these point to the fact that you have extremely dry skin.

The other kinds of symptoms of dry skin that could appear are linked to more serious conditions.

What causes the symptoms?

In order for keratin to be healthy there is need for water. In case there isn’t enough water, the keratin will crumble and the dry facial skin cells won’t be able to stay together. In order for the skin to be healthy, there is need for about 10% of water. If it drops below this threshold, the skin chaps, becomes rough and it scales.

In case of dry skin on the face there isn’t enough water in the upper layers of the skin and so the itching feeling appears, the skin becomes less flexible, and, as it has been mentioned before, it could also crack. This is why it is so important for the keratin to have enough water.

As you can see, dry facial skin could come with quite bothersome symptoms, so it is better to prevent them. Make sure that your skin is well hydrated for it to be healthy.


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