What is the Hangover Facial?

Here is something that the party animals can really count on to restore their looks this festive season – if you want a little something to banish the visible effects of the morning after the night before, then perhaps the Hangover Facial may work for you.

hangover facial

According to skin care expert Sonya Dakar, it isn’t just that the body gets hung over after a party; the ill effects are experienced by the skin as well.

Consider how dehydrated the body feels after having drunk substantial quantities of alcohol at a party – the number of glasses or water you feel compelled to quaff down, and you can well understand how dehydrated the skin could become as well.

So what the hangover facial can do for you is, help treat one’s reaction to alcohol and partying by helping reduce dark circles, puffy eyes, breakouts, or that distinctive redness on the skin.

It is claimed that this is a customized facial that will help to erase the signs of the previous night’s partying.

To restore the skin’s glow, this facial offers hydrating and detoxifying cleanse, antioxidant rich brightening peel with phytic acid, nourishing mask with resvertrol, acai, amber light which restore collagen that may have broken down to abuse and a healthy dose of organic omega and spf to restore a youthful glow to help people feel refreshed, revived and radiant .


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