Five Top Tips for Great Winter Skin

Find out what your skin is battling this winter and how to fight back

We all know how important it is to protect our skin during the summer months, but when the temperature drops and the central heating goes on, our skin faces a new set of challenges.

Harsh conditions, such as cold air and heated indoor rooms can cause our skin to become dull, dry and dehydrated. Without the right TLC, it could even become cracked and painful.

Winter Skin Care Needs

Skincare is far from one size fits all. Your skin’s needs also change from season to season and what works during summer may not be as effective during winter. Follow these five tips to keep your complexion supple, glowing and gorgeous during the colder months:

1. Don’t skimp on the SPF!

Just because those long lazy days of summer are a distant memory, doesn’t mean you should stop wearing sun protection. The winter sun glares just as fiercely, and for those ski bunnies amongst us, taking extra precaution for your skin’s sake is vital as snow reflects the light.

2. Keep it moisturized

Apply a rich moisturiser to protect your skin from drying out. The best day cream should include SPF, phytoestrogens, vitamins and minerals to feed and shield your complexion. Your skin also needs nourishing at night so find the best night cream to suit your skin type. There are rich creams for dry skinand lighter versions for those with oilier complexions.

3. Feed your skin

To help your skin look its best all year round you need to nourish it both inside and out, so keep up the H2O during the winter months. If you prefer something hot, try green tea which is full of anti-aging properties.

A healthy diet is also important for a good complexion, so step up your intake of oily fish, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and fruit. If you need a bit of extra help, consider a supplement such as evening primrose oil or a blend of skin-loving nutrients to keep your skin smooth.

4. Don’t forget to exfoliate!

There’s no point in having a great moisturizer if you’re applying it onto a layer of dead cells. Regulargentle exfoliation will improve the absorption of your creams to help you get the best out of them. A good buff a couple of times a week will also brighten up your skin.

5. Keep the blood flowing

It’s all too easy to stay warm and cosy indoors when it’s cold outside, but keeping active will improve your circulation and your skin. Just be sure to wrap up warm and wear gloves – alongside a protective hand cream, there’s no better anti-aging tool for your hands.


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