Frustrated With Dry Skin? Natural Dry Skin Remedies!

Is your skin dry? Then you might be getting irritation and frustration with your dry skin because it can turn your skin to look scaly and full of patches.

Dry skin remedy is very easy and can be done from home it self.

Natural remedies are always helpful to treat health and skin problems and they are also useful to you in many ways.

So, just try these natural dry skin remedies, which can protect your skin from dryness.

Natural dry skin remedies:

Fruits can help to treat your dry skin. Make a face pack with fruits like papaya or banana and apply it to your skin to avoid dryness. They can also help to make your skin soft and smooth.Dry Skin Remedy

Olive oil is the best remedy for dry skin in combination with flax seed oil. You can also add olive oil to the food while cooking or preparing green salads. It is helpful in adding moisture to your skin.

Avocado oil is also best suited for dry skin remedy. In spite of adding more taste to your food, it is also used to treat dry skin problems like eczema. You can directly apply it on the dried area of your skin for 5 minutes before you take bath, to avoid dryness.

Coconut oil is used to treat skin inflammations like sun burns, minor cuts on the skin, apart from dry skin. Remove your make up with coconut oil. It provides good nourishment to your skin.

Carrot juice is also helpful to replenish moisture in your skin. Drink fresh carrot juice or eat carrots daily. Carrot juice not only heals dry skin problems but also treats acne, pimples and it is also good for eyes.

Almond oil serves as a good cleanser for dry skin and also has good nutritional value. Almonds are also useful in hair care treatment too.

Vitamin E and cord liver oil are also used as dry skin remedy. Massage your skin with vitamin E or cord liver oil regularly for 2 minutes.

How can you protect your dry skin at home?

  • Take lots of water and green vegetables; they will not only help you as dry skin remedy but are also essential for good health.
  • Herbal tea can help your skin to keep hydrated always.
  • Avoid using tap water while cleansing your skin. Always prefer mineral water to wash your face. Apply aloe vera gel after your bath.
  • Daily do exercises for at least 15-20 minutes to improve the circulation of blood. An exercise not only keeps you healthy and fit but also helps in nourishing your skin and keeps you fresh.
  • Eat lots of fruits which are rich in vitamin A.

You can avoid dryness of your skin by following these tips. If your problem continues, you can consult a skin specialist for the treatment of your dry skin.


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