Hair Removal Methods For Unwanted Hair! Do They Work On Me?

Hair RemovalToday, beauty care is becoming a very important aspect of life and body hair removal is a part of beauty care.

Hair removal is becoming more and more popular with advancements in technology and new products, thus giving you varieties of options.

However, with different types of hair removal methods you may possibly get confused in finding out the right one for you.

Hair Removal Method for Your Skin Type

Laser hair removal is a newest hair removal method. In laser hair removal, a wavelength of energy is omitted from the laser to kill the hair from its base.

The most interesting characteristic of laser hair removal is that only with a few sittings you can remove your hair completely and forever. Thus, you don’t have to worry about hair on that specific area again.

Laser hair removal treatments are very effective than other hair removal treatments because it slows the growth of hair. Being effective, it has its own downside. It is the most costly treatment because it is relatively a new procedure. Being new, the licensed specialists for practicing the procedure will also be less.

Electrolysis is also growing trends in hair removal. It is similar to laser hair removal but it is practiced much longer before. While removing hair by electrolysis, the technician uses a needle that projects an electric current into the hair follicle, killing it from its root.

The current into the root of the hair follicle prevents hair from growing back. Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal but takes longer than laser hair removal.

Even electrolysis can cause discomfort and pain while supplying electric current to kill the hair follicle but the pain lasts only for few minutes. This also takes a number of sittings for complete hair removal.

Depilatories, a long used hair removal method. Depilatories are prepared using chemical mixture that is applied to the unwanted hair region.

Once applied, wait for few minutes depending up on the size of the area and the amount of hair being removed, as the chemicals will get time to kill the hair. The depilatory is removed and the skin on the area will be smooth and hair free.

Depilatories may not be suitable for sensitive skin, as the strong chemicals of depilatories for killing the hair can cause skin irritation and skin damage. Even these require repeat treatments soon after the first.

Removing hair with depilatories is completely without pain when compared to laser hair remover and electrolysis. You can get a number of depilatories in local stores to remove your unwanted hair by sitting at home.

Waxing is a common and popular hair removal treatment that has been in use for years. Waxing can be done in a salon or in your home using self-waxing kits available in stores.

It needs hot wax to be poured on the area and removed using strips fixed on it, pulled off together with unwanted hair. Despite of being painful method, it is a cost valuable, lasts for a while and a best choice for hair removal.


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