Home Made Facial Sauna – The Best Kept Beauty Secret

Homemade is now a symbol of quality. Therefore try to prepare your facial sauna at home. It is easy and simple. At first you will need special herbs, in order to achieve the healthy effect of the sauna.

The proper herbals for homemade facial sauna are eucalyptus, fennel, thyme, mullein and comfrey.  They are proven for procedures like this, not to mention they are also good for respiratory relief.

home made facial sauna

The steam inhalation is also very proper for the lungs, so the homemade facial sauna will improve your skin and your respiratory system. The first step is to add the herb into a bowl of hot water. Boil it for no longer than 5 minutes.

Remove it from the stove and pour the liquid into the bathroom sink or a glass bowl. In case you want to use some essential oils for smoothing your skin, add few drops into it. Put a headband on your head, for it will get the hair out of your face.

Try to hold your head near 12 inches above the water and put a towel on your head. Close your eyes and breathe the steam deeply and slowly. Avoid getting too closer, for it can burn or irritate your skin. Stay like this up to 10 minutes and clean your face with tonic.


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