Some Unique, Homemade Facial Recipes

Homemade facial recipes are sometimes the best available option when it comes to moisturizing your skin with natural oils and helping to prevent the spread of acne. While most people look in their local drug store for solutions to their acne problems, these people may actually be much better off looking in their kitchen.

There are plenty of natural, homemade ways you can slow down your acne problem, and there is no need to waste money on expensive lotions at the store.

Homemade facial recipes

The best advantage of using homemade facial recipes is that they are almost always much cheaper than their oil and lotion counterparts.

Homemade facial masks will also be much more natural than what you can find at the drug store.

Those of you who don’t like putting harmful chemicals on your skin will love the ability to fight pimples and zits with natural food items that you probably already have in your home.

There are many different food items that you will be able to use for your homemade mask, so you probably don’t even have to leave your home to go to the grocery store.

You can do some research on which homemade recipes seem to work better than others, and then look around in your kitchen to see what you already have in there.

For example, if you already have some eggs in the fridge, you should probably just go ahead and try the egg face mask.

Different homemade facial recipes you can try right away

The most popular homemade facial recipes are the ones that use the most common food items that are found in almost every home. In fact, the homemade facial recipe that you’ve probably already heard about is made from the same eggs that you eat for breakfast every morning.

When you mix together egg whites, honey and rose water, you will get a combination that will be sure to leave your skin looking silky and smooth.

There are many different variations of the egg face mask, so you will have to mess around with a few different recipes to see which one works best for you. Some people add orange juice or lemon juice to the mixture, but the egg white is really the main ingredient for this mask.

Different recipes will work for different people, so you should try out a few different combinations to see which one you like.

More face masks you can create at home

It seems like everything in your panty or refrigerator can be combined with something else to create one of the many homemade facial recipes. Another common recipe involves the use of cucumbers and milk. This recipe is rather simple, and all you have to do is crush up some cucumber as fine as you can get it before combining it with milk.

Green mint is another food item you can use for curing acne. With a mint mask, you will want to grind up the mint and then keep the resulting paste on your face for a little less than half an hour.


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