How To Maintain Basic Skin Care Routine?

Did you know that your skin ages fast because of the things that you do or fail to do? Find out the things that will keep your skin looking clearer, younger, fresher, radiant and glowing. It is very simple, you just start with proper care and you will see visible improvements.

The first step towards getting a clearer skin is to have a basic skin care regimen that you will keep religiously. Know your skin type whether it is normal, dry, oily or combination skin, then look for the product that will suit your skin type.

face cream

You don’t need to buy the most expensive ones, the technique is to buy a small pack so you can try each product until you find the right one for you.

The initial step in skin care is cleansing the face at least twice a day, start by getting enough amount of cleanser and massage onto your face using the ring finger and middle finger only making upward outward stokes avoiding the eye area. Cleanse for at least one minute, and then rinse it thoroughly. Never rub your face, rather pat dry only.

Next step is to exfoliate, this is not done daily rather only once for normal to dry skin and twice for combination to oily skin per week. The technique in choosing a good exfoliant is that you do not see with your naked eye the layer of dead skin being removed, if you do stop using the product it may be too harsh for you.

There are various preparations of exfoliant, choose the most friendly to your skin. After exfoliating, the product usually comes with a solution for replenishing your skin, apply this and let dry.

After exfoliation comes the toner, this is used to close the pores and bring back the moisture that is lost from cleansing and exfoliating. Using a toner can be done daily.

You are now ready to apply the moisturizer to bring extra hydration, some women make a mistake that if they have an oily skin they no longer need the moisturizer.

This is a wrong notion because the skin ages fast if not properly moisturized. The key again is to find the right product to suit your skin. Use your moisturizer twice daily.

Then the last one is the sun protection, this may come together with your moisturizer or foundation.

Use your sun protection in the morning whether you are going out of the house or not. The rule is to look for a higher SPF (Sun Protection Factor), because the higher the SPF the longer the protection for you.

Do these steps consistently and you will notice the change in your skin in about two weeks, provided however, that you are using the correct products for your skin type.


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