How To Take Dry Skin Care To Retain Your Skin’s Moisture?

Combating with dry skin becomes more complicated during winter, as it needs more dry skin care.

Dry skin is known as xerosis. It is a common recurring long-term problem, especially in the colder months.

It is true that the skin on our body is layered by natural oil produced by the oil glands of the skin.

When this oil is removed, the moisture levels of the skin decrease and it become dry resulting in cracking and inflammation.Dry Skin

The dry skin in the winter generally occurs when the level of the moisture in the skin becomes low due to the exterior cold air and the warm air in the body.

As the skin looses moisture in the winter, it is essential to maintain the skin moisture and to stay soft and supple.

However, maintaining skin moisture becomes more difficult as the age progresses. So, by taking the dry skin care with simple instructions can help retain your skin’s moisture easily.

Remember that some of the simple daily routines can also remove the moisture from the skin. For example, bathing with a harsh soap can lead to low moisture. So, altering these daily routines with dry skin care instructions can definitely retain the skin’s moisture.

In order to take dry skin care, it is necessary to take your every day bath or shower using lukewarm water. Try to avoid taking bath using hot water, as it makes your skin dry. Also, limit your time of taking bath to ten or even less minutes.

It is to be noted that bathing, during colder period, should be only once a day. Too frequent bathing can remove the natural oils from the skin and the skin becomes dry.

Try to avoid using harsh soaps while taking bath, as it dries out your skin easily. In general, deodorant soaps are very harsh and makes your skin dry. So, it is good to limit the use of these soaps to the parts, such as the armpits and genital area, which increases the body odors.

It is always good to use moisturizing soaps, as it contains moisture to make your skin smooth and healthy. To maintain healthy skin, always drink plenty of water and other liquids, as it helps preserve skin moistures.

It is even better to use skin cleansers instead of soaps to maintain your skin’s moisture. Next, try to avoid forceful usage of towel in cleansing and never rub the skin while toweling. Always blot or pat dry your skin to retain some moisture that is still left on the skin.

After cleansing, take dry skin care immediately by applying moisturizer to the skin areas that most expose to the sun. This makes the moisturizer to hold in the skin, which was lost during shower.

For a harshly dry skin, apply oil first and then the moisturizing cream. It is also good to apply the moisturizer even at bedtime.

Therefore, maintain your skin’s moisture levels and have a smooth and healthy skin with these very simple dry skin care instructions.


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