J Lo’s Skin Care Regime Is Simple

Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez owes her flawless skin to just the basics she says; getting good sleep, drinking lots of water and using moisture masks. She prepares for a red carpet event by taking a relaxing bath to feel better and look better. She uses a face mask in the morning, has a coffee and doesn’t rush around on the days that she has to look special.

J Lo claims not to have the kind of skin treatments that other Hollywood stars are known to have, such as peels, scrubs, facials and so on because she doesn’t like ‘messing with her skin’.

Jennifer-Lopez-FitnessHowever if J Lo’s skin care regime is in fact this simple, then it would have to be the exception, because Hollywood stars are known to do some fairly extreme things to appear youthful and deter signs of aging.

The most popular Hollywood skin care treatments are –

  • Cosmetic surgeries such as face lifts, eye lifts, brow lifts and so on are commonly used by men and women but equally other less invasive methods of trying to look young are also used.
  • Botox treatment remain hugely popular to get rid of wrinkles and lines and it is well known that actresses such as Nicole Kidman use them and regularly too – witness the impossibly smooth brow and also a certain lack of facial expression and mobility
  • Injectible fillers that use hyaluronic acid and gel fillers such as Juvederm can help plump up the skin to get rid of lines that fan from the eyes, appear between brows and bracket the mouth.
  • Chemical peels work by exfoliating or removing the topmost layer of the skin such as the dead cells and so on.
  • Laser skin treatments also work to clear skin blemishes and are also supposed to stimulate collagen production within the skin.
  • Retinols or creams that contain retinoids are available by prescription or over the counter and are an effective remedy to get smooth skin for celebs and the rest of us alike
  • Celebs do also follow the golden rules of skin care the way that the rest of us are advised to do – protect the skin from the sun at all times, and remove all make up before going to bed (yes even mascara, which can make eyelashes brittle and cause them to break.
  • Then of course is the fact that celebs have the help of professional makeup artists to help them look the way that they do.


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