Keep Your Skin Look Younger During Holidays With Yoga!

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t like to have a glowing, healthy and young looking skin?

Especially women are engrossed to have their skin free of wrinkles, acne, etc.

To look beautiful, nobody will hesitate to spend lot of money on cosmetic surgeries, various lotions and creams.

Even if you take precautions, it is difficult to protect your skin from sun exposure during holiday trips.

Many of you browse the internet during holidays and search for something that is useful for you.Look Younger with Yoga

Among which, searching for beauty aspects is the one. Searching for a natural skin care solution has become common for everyone, especially for women to look more beautiful and to have youthful looking skin.

The main reason behind seeking natural skin care solution is most of the unnatural products like Botox are harmful to your health and they make more harm to your skin than good.

Among the well known natural skin care solutions, yoga is an effective one. Yoga helps in various aspects of your skin’s health.

Here are some benefits of yoga in your skin care:

Ouch these wrinkles!

Every woman wants to have a wrinkle free skin. Wrinkles are due to the weak and flabby face muscles. Also, during holidays, you expose yourself to sun, participate in different activities like swimming, do not take proper diet and enough water which are the causes of wrinkles.

Inverted PostureIn order to reduce them, you need to do regular workouts like yoga.

Yoga helps in improved circulation which can lead to reduction in wrinkle formation and produce a natural face lift.

You can achieve this at any time by practicing at least 20-30 minutes of yoga.

You can achieve wrinkle free skin by practicing inverted postures in yoga, such as head and handstands.

This practice increases circulation to your face and it brings required amounts of oxygen and nutrients to refresh and eliminates toxin causing substances.

Also, there is one more benefit with inverted yoga pose; it converts the gray hair back into its normal color and reduces the growth of gray hair thus looking younger. Inverted postures increase the blood circulation to the hair follicles.

During holidays, it is easy to find 30 minutes of time to practice yoga and finally you will observe a reduction in the formation of wrinkles.

Yoga to slow down the clock of aging!

You will be shocked by knowing how yoga slows down the clock of aging. Yoga achieves this by providing:

  • Elasticity to your spine
  • Firms up your skin
  • Removes tension from your body
  • Strengthens your abdominal muscles
  • Removes the likelihood of double skin
  • Improves your arm muscle quality
  • Corrects the poor posture

By practicing yoga, you will feel younger with improved mental competence. There is no key other than yoga to live longer life.

Hatha YogaMainly, hatha yoga helps you live longer.

The anti-aging properties of yoga include:

  • Long life
  • Enhanced resistance towards diseases
  • Improved vitality
  • Rejuvenating the glands
  • Young look
  • Improved vision

Basically there are four yoga poses which makes you look younger and love linger.

Child PoseChild pose:

This tightly wrapped shape envelops the front of the body.

Practicing this pose for 15 minutes is equal to an hour sleep.

There are many benefits of child pose. The child poses:

  • Softens the skin
  • Releases protective holding patterns in the abdomen area
  • Boosts your immunity
  • Relieves from allergy
  • Relieves back and neck pain
  • Relieves stress
  • Calms your brain

Plow PosePlow pose:

This yoga pose is more beneficial for advanced and intermediate yogis. Plow pose:

  • Relieves tension and stress
  • Regulates your metabolic rate
  • Stimulates the thyroid which controls the hormone levels in your body
  • Stimulates the abdominals

Controlling hormones can lead to a greater change in your skin condition. If you are a beginner, it is better to consult a yoga practitioner before practicing this pose.


Benefits of this pose include:

  • Burns maximum calories
  • Strengthens your legs and knee joints
  • Increases the bone density in your legs
  • Opens up the hip joints
  • Relieves back pain and sciatica
  • Stimulates your energy channels
  • Provides cardio vascular benefits

Reclining twist:

This pose looks very relaxing, right! This is very easy to do.

Reclining twistThis pose invite the skin of the back body to spread and soften, setting with ease and relief.

This has many benefits which help to slows down your aging.

  • Feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and rinsed clean
  • Stretches and squeezes all your internal organs
  • Increases sluggish digestion
  • Relieves back tension
  • Improves the flexibility of your spine

Some other yoga poses like shoulder stand, sun salutations, and abdominal lift exercises in yoga are famous to slow down aging process.

Practice these anti-aging yoga poses whenever you have time. You will observe a great improvement in your skin condition and it looks fresh.

Enhance beauty with Bikram yoga or hot yoga!

Bikram YogaBikram yoga is especially beneficial in the areas of fitness and beauty. The main reason behind this cosmetic effect of Bikram yoga is due to perspiration.

Bikram yoga can be practiced in a room at a temperature of 105 degree Fahrenheit.

By practicing this yoga, all the toxins in your body can be flushed out which leads to detoxification.

This finally gives a kind of glow without any external wash and makes you look younger.

The 26 poses of Bikram yoga should need careful plan to tone, compress and stretch your muscles, to strengthen joints, ligaments, organs and tendons of the body.

Acne skin care with yoga!

Treating acne is one of the struggles in acquiring good skin care. Yoga gives great relief from acne than various other therapies like herbs and meditation. Yoga helps in balancing the body system so that hormone imbalances are corrected. For effective acne treatment, you need to learn supine posture of yoga.

This posture gives deep relaxation which affects your mind and body. This posture helps in flushing out the toxins which are the main reason for acne formation. Here is how to do this yoga pose:

  • Lie on your back. Keep your legs straight by placing your hands close to your body.
  • Raise your chest as much as you can by using your elbows and the tip of your head should rest on the floor.
  • Place your right foot on the left thigh and close to the hip joint. Repeat the same with left foot and hold your feet tightly with the hands.
  • During this pose, practice deep inhalation and exhalation.
  • Stay for a minute and come back to normal position and repeat it again.

To stay beautiful, you need to stay free from all your worries and tensions. Yoga helps you a lot in achieving that.


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