Know More About The Harmful Effects Of Smoking On Skin!

As we already know smoking is very injurious to health and is responsible for many respiratory problems.

Smoking can damage your lungs and also results in certain skin allergies. Apart from these respiratory disorders, there are certain adverse effects of smoking on skin.


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When you smoke, lots of harmful gases like carbon monoxide, nicotine, and ammonia will enter into your blood stream and transported to other organs of your body including skin.

Some of the significant effects of smoking on skin:

  • Your skin becomes pale and yellow in color when the oxygen content in your blood gradually reduces due to smoking. This is one of the most significant and noticeable effects of smoking on skin.
  • You can experience premature aging of skin due to cigarette smoking. Each cigarette uses almost 35 milligrams of vitamin C from your body. If this vitamin is not present in your body, then it can lead to deficiency of this vitamin.
  • Collagen content in your skin is the main substance which is responsible for youthful and glowing look in your skin. If you smoke, the levels of collagen gradually reduces and results in adverse effects on your skin.
  • Due to smoking, the blood capillaries are constricted and the blood supply to your skin is decreased.
  • Smoking results in impaired blood flow, due to which the supply of blood along with healthy nutrients is gradually reduced and results in skin elasticity, which is commonly known as wrinkles. Formation of wrinkles is the most significant evident for effects of smoking on skin.
  • Apart from formation of wrinkles, smoking leads to damage of skin on the other parts of your body including inner arms.
  • The tobacco smoke, which is released into the air while smoking, can contaminate the environment and results in dry skin.
  • Vitamin A is very essential for your skin. It is very helpful in protecting your skin from harmful allergens and chemicals. Due to smoking, the content of vitamin A in your body is gradually reduced. As a result, your skin will become more prone to allergies and gets damaged by the agents produced by smoking.
  • You can also develop hallow cheeks by extended sucking of cigarettes. This effect of smoking on skin is mostly seen in the under-weight smokers.
  • Prolonged smoking can lead to discoloration of fingers and finger nails of your hand due to holding of cigarette.
  • Smoking can also cause yellowing of teeth and is also responsible for bad breath.

As smoking is the root cause for these adverse effects on your skin, it is very essential for you to quit the habit of smoking if you really want a healthy glowing skin.


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