Men Are Not That Excited About Skin Care

Metrosexual men may have been around for a long time now, but in the past year, men seemed to be losing interest in grooming and men’s skin care products.

Many men cite economy as being the reason for not being interested in skin care products marketed specially for them, such as Nivea for Men, Dove Men+Care line, Neutrogena for men and so on.

On the other hand many men also think that these are the same products as those sold for women, albeit with the coloring of the package changed.

men-skin-careMen are also less motivated, and for the most part cannot be bothered by an elaborate skin care routine. They want a quick fix, which may also explain their lack of interest in skin care.

However, it is claimed that there is a science behind men’s skin care products – men have thicker skin epidermis and dermis and heavier oil glands, so that products for men are required to be more concentrated so that they are able to penetrate into the skin more effectively.

Also it is a fact that men want some of the same things as women do – pores to look smaller, skin to look less sun damaged and with fewer lines and more smoothness, and so on. Skin care is not about being metrosexual, say experts; it can simply be about being clean and healthy; rather like brushing one’s teeth everyday!


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