Men’s Skin Care For Winter

Traditionally, taking care of skin is supposed to be a female bastion, with men not expected to care about their looks or skin. The fact is however that men’s skin can suffer just as much as female skin in the cold and dry winter months, and that it needs just as much care.

Dry indoor air, freezing cold air out of doors, can really take its toll on men’s skin, prompting many to give up shaving and grow a beard for the duration of the winter. Skin can become itchy, dry, sore and red and conditions such as rosacea and eczema can get exacerbated.

Wives, sisters and girlfriends can encourage men to take care of their skin by picking out appropriate dry skin remedies for them – men usually prefer non oily or matt moisturizers – in other words products that cannot be discerned. It is important to pick rich hydratingformulas or even a serum that will impart extra moisture.

Face washes and shaving foams that have astringent should be avoided since these will cause more drying. And a lip balm is a great idea as well and is not just for women, men have to be told.


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