Speaking of Men’s Skin Care

When it comes to skin care, men usually don’t figure much in the equation. The only things men were supposed to get for their grooming was a shaving kit, but no longer.

Skin care formulations, research, advice and products were always aimed at women, but men’s skin care is now coming into its own.

Men’s skin care today

A recent report about men’s skin care speaks of a Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque costing 36 Euros that is hugely popular with Asian men.

Brands such as L’Oreal and Garnier are now targeting men and not just women, as men are also realizing the importance of grooming and skin care.

In places like South Korea, a popular male skin care product is a BB cream, a product meant to remove blemishes but which also has a tint, rather like using makeup.

In India, men are becoming more conscious about skin tone.

They are using skin whiteners specially formulated “for men” which are now jostling for space in the skin care industry.

One of the reasons products are specially targeted at men is the fact that men have different physical dimensions. For instance, larger hand means a larger of differently contoured soap.

Roping in well known celebrities for endorsement, such as Shaquille O’Neal for Dove’s men’s line and Hugh Laurie for L’Oreal also seems to work to make these products more acceptable to men.

Tips for men’s skin care


Yes, a lot of men wax today. The popular areas are the unibrow (hairy growth between the eyebrows), nose hair and ear hair. But that’s not all. Men are choosing to get various other body parts waxed too – the arms, legs, feet, back, chest and the underarms as well as the bikini line can come in for some painful waxing.

Cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing

Yes, the same skin care ritual applies to men as well. A cleanser should be gentle but at the same time strong enough for men’s larger pores and more active sebaceous glands. Exfoliating not only smoothes the skin and unclogs pores, it can also help men get a closer shave. And what with shaving every day, men need some TLC from a moisturizer as well.

Protect the eyes and lips

Like women, the first signs of male aging also appear around the eyes so around the eyes is probably where men skin care should concentrate. The lips also are vulnerable to problems such as cold sores so regular application of lip balm is a must for men as well.


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