7 Myths of Laser Hair Removal

Whenever the subject of unwanted hair comes to our discussion or our thinking we often think of removing it totally. We just want to end this tiring need of removing unwanted hair almost every month or sometimes after two weeks. Most of us choose to go for laser hair removal technique.

But as technology is upgrading day by day and so is our needs. Often we hear a number of things about laser hair removal, but let’s check out which are the myths:

7 Myths of Laser Hair Removal

Hair free after a treatment:

We are being told that after the very first treatment of laser hair removal technique we get smooth hair free body where we have done the laser. But this is the utmost myth as to remove the hair completely so that your hair follicle does not re-generate, you need to get at least 6-7 sittings of laser treatments. And sometimes it also depends upon your hormone quality which affects the growth of hair on your body.

Skin color is important:

We might have heard that to go through a laser removal being fair is a must. Dark skinned people cannot go for laser removal. But this is not at all true. There is no sort of discrimination. Everybody of us has the right to be beautiful and so does our skin color.

Summer! Oh no!

In today’s world, our technology is at par, so there are no possibilities of the climate dominating our plan of removing hair through laser treatment. It is often heard that laser removal cannot be done in summer due to the sun rays on the skin and also to some extent because of the sweat. It is said that the UV rays of the sun already harms our skin so laser is not recommended. But it is proven as a myth.

Harmed by radiation:

We often think and have been reminded that laser put a lot of effects on our skin. It gives out radiation which comes in contact with our skin and may further lead to cancer. But this is actually a myth and is proved by researchers.

Leads to ingrown hairs:

Ingrowth of hair mostly happens after waxing or shaving, but it is a myth that laser removal leads to ingrown hair follicles. Rather, laser treatment helps remove it completely. The laser destroys the ingrown follicle completely so that it does not re-grow.

Permanently removes hair:

No, laser removal treatment does not remove hair permanently. Rather, it reduces the growth of hair to such a minimum level that it is the same as no hair on your body. But to be noted, according to hormonal changes which depends upon the hair growth, it may show some hair growth too or opposite.

Skin gets pigmented:

On performing laser removal, the skin does not get pigmented. The opposite being a myth for ages as laser removal has been done for many years now.


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