How Can You Look Good Without Makeup?

Simplicity & looking good naturally has been trending since decades. In today’s generation, many girls are used to spending hours and hours, trying to put on their daily makeup. Some of the girls even try their best to look like they even aren’t wearing any makeup after hours of trying! If you are one of those girls who don’t prefer makeup at all or do minimal makeup or even the one out of the mentioned above, these simple tips might just help you and make your life a lot easier.

How Can You Look Good Without Makeup

1. Perfect Brows are the Centre of Attention

You might have noticed that on a face with no makeup the eyebrows without any doubt become the centre of attention. You can shape your eyebrows depending upon your face shape and if required, you can use some tint out of dye or henna. If you are going for a tint then make sure that the color matches the roots of your hair to look more natural. Further, if you are one of those girls who aren’t blessed with thick brows then you can apply a mixture of Vitamin A with some castor oil daily to help them grow.

2. Wider Eye draws attention

To help your eyes look wider, you can curl up your lashes using an eyelash curler. After using an eyelash curler, you can prefer applying transparent gel to help them stay as they are. Further, you can also use fake eyelashes or extension as you desire. Along with eyelashes, dark circles can also affect the way your eyes look. Try to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes; they can be a result of iron deficiency or Vitamin B deficiency.

3. White & Bright Teeth

A smile with white and bright teeth can add additional 10 points to your natural beauty. Hence, ensure that nothing stops your smile from doing so. Prefer using whitening toothpaste after consuming coffee or wine. Do not overuse whitening toothpaste, as it can sometimes be harsh on your teeth. If the color of your teeth is yellow or grayish naturally, then get them whitened professionally from a dentist.

4. Lips!

As compared to your skin, your lips require twice as much care & nutrition. It is important that you properly moisturize & exfoliate them. You can also replace your lip balms with olive oil or any such natural oil, which can provide nourishment and moisture. Further, once a week you can massage your lips with a soft bristled toothbrush or some homemade packs for exfoliating using sugar and honey.

5. Shiny bright with shiny hair!

A dull hair color and an old haircut may not be the best to go with a makeup free face. You can always choose simple hairstyles & natural looking colors to go with a natural appearance of yours. Make sure to take proper care of your hair and get regular haircuts for split ends. Do not use much heat on your hair and even if you use heat, make sure to use heat protection. Further, never go overboard with hair styling products and wash your hair regularly for natural shine!


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