Coconut Oil Is A Wonderful Skin Cleanser

coconut oilThe oil from coconuts is a common ingredient in hair and skin care products, with its wonderful smell and rich creamy texture.

However the healing properties of the milk have now been rediscovered and its ability as a cleanser is making it a woman’s new best friend.

Beware of coconut substitutes as it is only the real thing that will have any benefits, and the ability to both moisturize the skin, enhancing its softness and protecting it from the environment.

Chemically manufactured milk is often found in products that are not natural or organic in anyway.

Sometimes it is actually better to produce your own skin masks using all kinds of ingredients that are easily available in either a health food shop, pharmacy or fruit market.

It is the lauric acid contained in coconut milk that makes the magic so beware of watered down substitutes. For those with a sensitive skin, the fatty acids found in coconut milk will softly clear away dirt because of their antiseptic qualities.

Certain conditions of the skin will be relieved by its regular use and top experts in this field have written on its advantages. There are many more anti-oxidants in the milk of a coconut compared with the more commonly used oil, these are called phenolic antioxidants.

As an exfoliate for the skin the milk will remove the top damaged layer and leaves a fresh new one that is very lithe and even soft.

Next time you are looking at the vast array of natural occurring skin enhancing formulas look out for coconut oil as an essential ingredient.


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