7 Common Habits that is Bad for your Skin

Skin is the largest organ of our body that protects the internal organs from all the external hazards. Often this organ is neglected the most and thus results to various problems like acne, eruptions, pigmentations, fine lines, premature sagging and ageing symptoms etc.

These skin problems are nothing but effects of some bad skin habits that can be easily avoided with proper knowledge and practice.  To get a clear and healthy skin, you can take help of the following list – avoid the bad habits and replace them with good ones –

habits that is bad for your skin

Over Washing or Cleansing

Frequent washing of the face tends to take away the natural oils. It is sufficient to clean your skin twice or thrice a day. This helps to retain your natural moisturizing oils.

Picking Pimples

Although it is hard to resist, but popping your pimple makes it worse and leads to more breakout. Picking pimples might end up in pock marks on your face. The pressure you exert to rupture your pimple may lead to rupturing of the skin surface and turn into a dangerous cycle with a never ending problem.


Exfoliation is must for a healthy skin, but over-exfoliating can result into flaking skin. It can lead to over-sensitivity of the skin because of enlarged pores. You do not need to follow this beauty regime every day. You can use smooth and soft exfoliating agents only couple of times in a week. Scrubbing of feet and scrubbing of your face is vastly different, you can still consider a fast and vigorous scrubbing session on your feet, but on your face it should be slow and gentle in circular motions. 

Sleeping with Makeup

Make sure to remove the makeup before going to bed. If you are lazy to do it, over time, it might lead to acne .Your residual makeup tends to clog the pores of your skin and thus prevents your skin to repair on its own. Thus, you need to get rid of all the dirt and pollutants on your skin by cleansing thoroughly. 

Rubbing Eyes

Constant rubbing of the eyes when tired not only leads to fine lines, but can also create premature wrinkles. The eyes are the most delicate area and so needs to be handled with utmost care. While rubbing the eyes you tend to stretch the skin around the eye.

Touching your Face with Dirty Hands

Continuous touching of your face transfers all the germs of your hand to the skin. Your hardworking hands collect lot of germs, so ensure that you avoid the contact of your hand and face. You should also clean your hands more often.

Residue of Makeup on Makeup Brushes

Your makeup brushes, if not cleaned on a regular basis becomes the home of bacteria. The powder makeup accumulates on the brush. The germs grow and get transferred to your skin when you use it again. Make sure to clean the brushes with warm water.

It is not very difficult to avoid these habits. With persistence and commitment you can develop good habits and make your skin look good and feel good.


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