How to Keep Your Skin Moisturized In Winter?

Winter is one such season when our skin turns dry and its natural look fades away. Attending a party or a special event with the faded skin isn’t a good idea. So, you need to be prepared with methods and care to overcome the harsh winter season effect. Winter skin care tips are essential to follow if you are much more concerned about your looks.

During the winter season, we try our best to stay warm and end up taking hot showers and using harsh cleansers, these further effects our skin. Winter dryness strikes if your oil glands are weak. Areas like cheeks, arms and legs have less or zero oil glands and end up getting dry during winter.

Trying out different skin care products also further affects the skin to get dry. So it is important to follow and simple and natural methods of keeping your skin healthy during winter:

How to Keep Your Skin Moisturized In Winter

Proper Cleansing of the Skin:

This is the first and the most important step for healthy skin in the winter season. No matter what product you use, cleansing is the first step to follow. Even if you limit your face washing time from 3 to 2 times in a day, cleansing the face with cold milk and cotton ball will help in excessive dryness.

Lubricate with Essential Oils:

Not only essential oils, but pure cocoa butter is used for lubricating the skin. You can do this activity after showering. Apply the oil or moisturizer to the skin when it’s damp. By doing this, the moisture of your skin traps into the skin rather getting evaporated in the air.

Eating the Right Food:

A right diet matters a lot to keep the skin moisturized throughout the winter. Keep the skin hydrated by drinking enough fluids. However, beverages and tea don’t fall under it. Do indulge in watery food and crunchy salt foods to keep the skin hydrated. Seek maximum intake of food having Vitamin E and other supplements.

Applying Overnight Moisturizer:

Dry areas like hands, feet and elbows should be moisturized overnight. Consider applying balm and another skin cream on skins before going to the bed. Also, wear gloves and socks to seal the moisture till morning.

Using Right Toner for the Skin:

Make sure you use a right toner that suits your skin. Avoid toners that carry many chemicals as these could disturb skin’s PH levels. Applying the right toner can help in eliminating the post-cleansing residual dirt from the face. You can seek the help of beauty expert to get right toning and prepare your face skin for moisturizer.

It can be a daily task, but an important one if you want to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the winter season. Use of right product having natural ingredients further improves your skin condition. Seek advice from beauty experts and read articles on skin care to get a precise idea about tips for moisturized skin.


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