8 Best Natural Skincare Video Tutorials for Low-Cost, Safe Beauty

Dig deep and learn more about taking care of your skin the organic way with these helpful natural skincare videos and interviews.

1. Dr. Perricone – celebrity dermatologist shares his secrets

Dr Perricone

The guru of perfect skin talks about the secrets of his success. He claims he can help anyone age more gracefully – at a price of course. Dr. Perricone talks about the importance of good diet,supplements, and skincare products are all necessary for maintaining celebrity-perfect skin.

JLo and Courtney Cox are two beauties who depend on his advice – eating antioxidants, supplementing with antioxidants, and slathering antioxidants on your skin with antioxidant-rich skincare.

2. Dr. Alkaitis and Emelyn Rodriguez talk about organic skincare

Dr. Alkaitis talks about his dissatisfaction with conventional skincare and why some of them are not healthy for you. Dr. Alkaitis’ skincare line maximizes the therapeutic potential – the potency of their health-giving properties.

This helps to vastly improve the quality of his products. He also excludes GMOS and other harmful ingredients to help prevent harm to you 20 or 40 years down the line.

3. DermTV on the differences between glycolic and salicylic acids

DermTV covers the importance of exfoliating the skin and how glycolic and salicylic acids can help with the process. When used properly, Dr. Shultz explains that these two acids don’t cause redness, irritation, and require no recovery time, which means there is no burning of the skin.

They both treat the skin as exfoliators for facial rejuvenation, to help and prevent acne, and to remove abnormal dead cells that go on to become cancer. The workhorse is glycolic acid and can be used in a variety of strengths. Salicylic acid is a little more narrow in its range, but still highly effective.

4. Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Benest talks to The Doctors on skincare

Dr. Benest talks about a green peel – a natural peel that is acid-free that gives similar kinds of resultsto conventional chemical peels. The active ingredients in this green peel include horsetail and other herbs to stimulate the collagen.

This helps to bring blood flow to the area and nutrients to help the skin heal and look healthier and more vibrant. The peel can make your skin red, but shows great results.

5. Dr. Cara Natterson talks about natural skincare for baby

There’s a big variety of natural skincare products for babies, making it hard to choose something that’s truly healthier for baby. Dr. Natterson helps to demystify the process by walking through some of the more natural options for little ones.

6. Skincare expert talks about hyperpigmentation and chemical peels

This skincare expert talks about how hyperpigmentation affects how you use chemical peels at home. She walks through all of the steps to using a chemical peel properly for the best results in a safe and effective manner. It starts with basic cleansing, then applying the chemical, letting it sit on the skin, and proper removal.

7. Dr. Vincent Bellonzi talks about skincare from the inside out

Talking about the importance of nutrition and other inside-out factors to take into consideration, Dr Bellonzi shows how to prevent acne and aging.

He talks about eating enough antioxidants and how to fight free radicals, how to eat a cleaner diet to prevent acne (veggies and fruits), and working on other things like fitness and sleep to have better looking, younger appearing skin.

8. Dr. Whiting: Skincare and the importance of antioxidants and free radicals

Dr. Whiting talks about the importance of antioxidants for good skin health. Antioxidants like Vitamins E and A work with your body to help fight free radicals that cause skin damage over time, contributing to the signs of aging and tired looking skin.

Dr. Whiting goes over several important things you should do to ensure you receive enough free radicals to reverse and prevent the wrinkles and fine lines.


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