Night Time Skin Care – Products that Work Best when You Sleep

Experts recommend that the skin care products that you use at night ideally should be formulated specifically for the night and should have different ingredients than those that you use during the day.

Dos and don’ts for night time skin care

One of the cardinal rules of night time skin care is to cleanse skin thoroughly before hitting the sack. Cleaning out dirt, grime, oil and make up is essential so that the skin can breathe.

Change pillowcases frequently because bacteria can collect and multiply there, and make the skin more prone to skin problems, breakouts and so on.

Night Time Skin Care

Sleep on your back if possible; this helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the face. This is better for the skin than lying on the side.

Some experts also advise that sleeping with the head elevated (using two pillows) can help reduce water retention and help lower puffiness around the eyes.

This may be a good idea particularly if a lot of salt, caffeine and/or alcohol were consumed during the day (these can cause the fluid to pool around the eyes causing puffiness).

When you apply eye cream take care to avoid getting it into your eyes because this can cause irritation, reddening and puffiness.

Consider using a humidifier in your room to help constantly hydrate your skin at night. Many experts feel that this is very useful to do particularly during winter to combat wintertime skin dryness.

Pick products that are suitable for the nighttime

Experts advise that night time skin care products should be richer in formulation and that a moreemollient cream should be used at night. Also pick a formulation with more active ingredients that will penetrate deeper into the skin layers.

Vitamin A and its derivatives are important for night time skin care products because they are effective in improving skin cell turnover and effective anti aging ingredients. It is also cautioned that these products are best not used during the day because they can be unstable when exposed to sunlight.

Also avoid products with fragrance if possible. This may be especially important for sensitive skins which may react and become irritated as a result of the chemicals used as ‘perfume’ or ‘fragrance’.

Get that sleep

When they say ‘beauty’ sleep this is more than just figurative speech. Sleep is vital for skin repair and regeneration and to avoid premature aging and lining of the skin. So make sure that you get sufficient, restful sleep.


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