Face Washing Tips for Oily Skin

The women looking for face washing tips for oily skin may think that the main point is to get rid of all the oil on their face. The truth is that by doing so they could do more damage than good because oil is important to have a healthy complexion.

The Skin Type

In order to find out just how oily your skin is you should keep track of how many times you have to blot your face per day. If the tissue always gets soaked it means that you have oily skin but if it stays dry, you have dry skin. Combination skin means that occasionally there is some oil buildup around the nose.

Face scrubs

Inside Out

Some people think about the tips for washing oily skin that some foods make the skin oily, like soda,French fries and chocolate. There is no scientific evidence supporting this theory. However, lemon and kiwi fruits are known to have a positive impact on your skin, cleansing from the inside out.

Take it Easy

When looking for face washing tips for oily skin you have to remember that you don’t have to wash your face like your life depended on it. Make sure that you don’t use hot water because it dries the skin. Instead use lukewarm water.


Some people believe that the way to go is to scrub the face. In case you are interested in ideas for washing oily skin you should know that while scrubbing has positive effects on the skin, if you do it too often you will strip the skin from the essential oils that it needs.


The women interested in face washing tips for oily skin ought to consider using a toner. The main point of the product is to change the pH of the skin and to eliminate the dirt that the other cleansing products didn’t eliminate. You should use the treatment if you have really oily skin.

Clay Mask

The advantage of this one of the oily skin ideas for washing face is that it removes all impurities from the face. You shouldn’t apply more than one mask per week because it can dry the skin out too much. Instead make sure that you pamper your skin a bit every week.

As you can see there are a lot of face washing tips for oily skin for you to use.


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