Best Advice on How to Control Oily Skin

It is possible that you are sometimes faced with the situation of having the makeup gone and you may be able to see your reflection in your nose. This means that you have to find tips on how to control oily skin. The skin is getting oily because the oil glands are producing all that extra oil. Usually such a situation appears in the T-zone.

Cleansing as an answer to how to control oily skin

Although it might be difficult to do it every night before going to bed, this could be the best solution you have. You need to wash your face two times a day, in the morning and at night. There is no need to wash it more often. Although you may think that getting the skin dried is the way to go when controlling oily skin, this is something you don’t want. In case the skin dried out, the oil glands will produce even more oil.



It is true that although this kind of controlling oily skin won’t make the skin become less oily, it will reduce the shining. You should blot several times a day with blotting paper. There are some stores offering special blotting paper, but if you don’t want to spend too much, you could be also using regular tissue paper to control oily skin.

Another option that you have is to be using toilet seat cover, just the ones that you can find in public toilets.

No extra moisturizing

You should stay away from the products that are offering extra moisturizing. When you are looking for the answer to how to control oily skin, keep in mind to use the products that are free of oils. You don’t need more oil on your face.


Controlling oily skin isn’t an easy job, but toners could help you with it. You should apply it after having your face washed. Before getting the toner, you have to make sure that it doesn’t have alcohol that would dry out the skin and thus increase the production of oil. When it comes to how to control oily skin you should be looking for the products that come with natural ingredients, such as witch hazel that is working out great for oily skin.

You are what you eat

You could have heard this a million times before, but this is also something you have to consider when you want to control oily skin. You should decrease the intake of greasy food, such as fried foods, burgers and chocolate, because they will make your skin look worse. On the other hand, you should always remember to have plenty of water during the day to make sure that you are hydrated.

In case you see no other way out, you should see a dermatologist and ask how to control oily skin. There might be some other way for you to take control of the oil, such as a tropical cream or something else that you could be using for these kinds of purposes.


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