7 Top Tips on How to Stop Oily Skin

Oily skin is a condition that affects numerous people, and it usually occurs during puberty. Although this is the time when people are thinking about how to stop oily skin, people of all ages could be faced with such a situation. At some point your situation might seem desperate, but there are lot of things that could help you.

1. Wash your face

You should wash your face two times a day, no more, with soap and lukewarm water. You would better avoid hot water, because it could dry your skin too much. If you take things too far, the oil glands will produce even more sebum, and the situation will get worse. If you would like to stop oily skin, you could be using regular soap bars, but it is even better to be using special soaps, such as Neutrogena Oily Skin Formula or the soap offered by Clearasil for this skin type.

how-to-stop-oily-skin2. Exercise

At first you may think that this isn’t the right way to stop oily skin, but you can boost the blood circulation and through sweating you can also unclog the pores. Contrary to the common belief, sweating is good for your skin, and it cleans the oily skin reducing the number of outbreaks.

3. Mask it

In order to stop oily skin it may be a good idea to be applying a clay or mud mask a few times per week. Those that come in a dark color are usually more efficient, but the lighter colored ones are more suitable for sensitive skin.

4. Astringent

If you opt for an astringent that comes with acetone, that might be an answer for how to stop oily skin. As an alternative you could also be using witch hazel or alcohol, because they work out just as fine. In case you aren’t at home, you could buy astringent pads to use.

5. Cosmetics

If you are thinking about stopping oily skin, you should be looking for cosmetics that are oil based or water based. When you are applying foundation, consider using baby powder that has more absorbing power than the regular cosmetic powders, but make no mistake: powder will not stop oily skin, but it will reduce the oily appearance.

6. Contraceptive

When you are thinking about how to stop oily skin, also consider the kind of contraceptive that you are using. Maybe it would be the time to stop taking it or switching to another kind. This action could help because the hormones have a word to say when it comes to the kind of skin that you have.

7. No overstimulation

If you are considering getting rid of oily skin, you should know that even if your intentions are good, things could turn out wrong. As an example too much exfoliation could lead to excessive oil production of the oil glands.

Before you find the answer to how to stop oily skin, you should take a look at your lifestyle and the habits that you have.


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