Tips For Applying Make-Up To Oily Skin

Do you have oily skin? Do you wear make-up on a daily basis?

Usually, people with an oily skin suffer from too much glow and shine.

Wearing make-up when you have oily skin can be quite a tough challenge for you, particularly if you use make-up on regular basis.

But don’t worry! There are plenty of tried and trusted tricks which can certainly help you to prevent cosmetics melting into your skin.oily skin1

Some of the most successful and useful tips include:

  1. Use moisturizer prior to make-up
  2. Before applying make-up to your oily skin, ensure that you thoroughly clean your skin with a moisturizer that suits to your oily skin. This will help you to clear your skin of excessive oil. Otherwise, instead of moisturizers, try cleansing your skin by treating it with some mudpacks.

  3. Blot your skin frequently
  4. Use blotting papers or tissues and blot your skin frequently throughout the day. This will help you to eliminate excess oil present on your face and consequently prevents smearing of make-up on your face. You can also avoid adding more layers of make-up to your skin.

  5. Avoid oil-based make-up products
  6. Never use oil-based blushes, eye shadows or foundation powders. Make-up products specially designed for oily skin are readily available in the market. Try to use those specific make-up products for your oily skin. It is believed that these specific products are comparatively less harmful than normal mass-produced make-up.

  7. Apply cucumber juice
  8. Apply a little cucumber juice to the excessively oily parts of your face and allow it to dry thoroughly. After that, wash your face with cold water. Repeat this process every time before you apply make-up. This can go a long way to preventing the problem of your make-up becoming patchy on your face.

    If your whole face turns patchy after applying make-up, mix equal parts of lime juice and witch hazel and apply it to your face. Let it dry completely and, after rinsing your face, apply make-up.

  9. Avoid exposure of your skin to the sun
  10. Keep yourself away from the sun as much as possible, as the sun encourages your skin to perspire and produce oil in excess. As a result, make-up will smear on your face and looks too awkward. To avoid such embarrassing situations, avoid exposure of your skin to the sun as much as possible.

    If you take these precautionary steps when applying make-up to your oily skin, you will surely be able to apply make-up without any fear of smearing. Be careful when choosing cosmetics for oily skin. Always ensure that you are using good quality products.


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