Post Workout Skin Care Tips

According to experts, working out will oxygenate your skin and give it that attractive glow, but it also stresses your skin. This makes it imperative that you try and look after post workout skin well to protect it and also to make the most of your workout.

Why sport is a natural elixir for skin

You’ve probably noticed the natural glow that your skin gets after a workout if you are an active person yourself. Or you may have noticed this with others who work out. This happens because the blood circulation improves and more oxygenated blood reaches the skin. This is of course good for the skin.

Post Workout

However the sweat could cause clogged pores and lead to breakouts if not properly cleansed. Also there is the damage that chlorine, grease and others may cause to your skin. Then there is the fact that a lot of salt and minerals as well as natural skin oils are lost. All this can irritate the skin and cause it stress. So a good post workout skin care routine assumes significance here.

Post workout skin care tips

It is advisable to have a shower with warm water and a mild cleanser after a workout. The pH value of the cleanser should be about 5.5 so as to prevent drying out of the skin.

An aloe vera gel is recommended because of its light natural properties. It helps moisturize and also acts as an effective after sun treatment.

Moisturizers that you use should have a light texture to prevent pores being clogged to prevent thatunpleasant feeling produced by heavy, fatty skin care products.

If you swim, moisturize your skin before you get into the water to help put up a protective barrier against the chlorine as well as the moisture loss from the skin.

If you have to wear makeup during your workout, use a light matte or powder foundation and waterproof mascara to avoid running and blotching.

Other skin care tips for active people

Don’t forget to hydrate your skin from the inside out. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout.

If you have oily skin, think about using an oil control serum to prevent that oily look.

Another tip for healthy skin is to use a clean face towel each time while working out. This helps you mop up bothersome sweat. And ensuring that you use a clean towel each time prevents old bacteria and dead skin transferring on to your skin.


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