Pregnancy Skincare To Maintain Your Skin During And After Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a stressful time where a woman undergoes several bodily changes. The production of pregnancy hormone during pregnancy brings major changes in almost every part of a pregnant woman, especially the skin.

As skin is the outermost part of the body, a slight change to it can become evident. Therefore, to keep your skin in good condition, you need to follow proper pregnancy skincare and ensure that your skin is healthy and glowing right up to your due date and further more.

Taking care of your skin during pregnancy is just as important as it is when you are not pregnant. With regular pregnancy skincare, a pregnant woman can appear most ravishing from the day of conception to the delivery time.perfect skin1

To start your pregnancy skincare routine, employ the best skincare products that suit your skin tone. However, since pregnancy is a time that needs special care for you and your baby, it is most essential to determine the ingredients of the products before buying. This is because certain product ingredients are harmful to the growth of the baby during pregnancy.

Pregnancy skincare – ingredients to stay away from

Salicylic acid: It is a mild acid that helps to reduce skin problems such as pimples. It is used in skin cleansers, toners and exfoliators. You should avoid this powerful ingredient of skincare products in pregnancy skincare. Beta hydroxy acid (BHA), a form of this ingredient, is used in topical exfoliants to remove the dead skin layers and reveal new healthy skin in its place.

Retinoid: This ingredient is mostly used in anti aging moisturizers, where it helps to decrease anti aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines. It is a form of vitamin A, which helps to accelerate cell division and prevents skin collagen from separating. According to doctor’s advice, it is good to avoid this ingredient in pregnancy skincare because it can harm the growing baby during pregnancy.

Lethicin, Phosphatidylcholine, Glycolic acid, Textured vegetable protein, Tretinoin, Potassium Thioglycolate, Calcium Thioglycolate, Sodium Hydroxide, Sanguisorba Officinalis Root Extract, Soy, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Tazarotene, Titanium dioxide, Octocrylene, Oxybenzone, Zinc oxide, Dioxybenzone, Benzophenone, Octyl methoxycinnamate, Para-aminobenzoic acid are the most powerful ingredients to avoid in your pregnancy skincare.

Once if you determine these ingredients in your skincare products, it is good to stop using the product temporarily and select another product containing safe ingredients.

Pregnancy skincare tips

Using safe skincare products does not complete your pregnancy skincare. However, there is much more to follow in your daily routine to keep your skin healthy and lively during pregnancy.

Diet – During pregnancy, the food you take will not only help in your baby growth but also in maintaining your skin. So, maintain a healthy pregnancy diet and ensure that the diet is rich in fruits and vegetables.

Water– Drinking plenty of water is most essential for everyone. However, you need to increase even more during pregnancy. So, make sure that you increase the water drinking levels each day.

Rest Rest is most important for a pregnant woman. Good amount of sleep is the best form of pregnancy skincare (good night sleep). So, try to spend most of your time in resting and relaxing.

Avoid using soap: Using soap can remove the natural oil from your skin. So, make use of a moisturizing body wash instead of soap. In case, if you prefer soap, then use only mild soaps.

It is also good to use moisturizers and sunscreen lotions regularly as part of your pregnancy skincare.


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