Psychodermatology Equals Dermatology Plus Psychiatry

self hypnosisMany different factors can affect the skin including stress.

A new field of expertise comes in the form of psychodermatology, which combines dermatology and psychiatry and claims to produce a healthy glow for its patients.

This form of treatment has in fact been around for decades and was founded by a Dutchman called Herman Musaph.

What psychodermatology sets out to do is use various relaxation techniques to relieve stress thus creating a healthy skin.

These include self-hypnosis, biofeedback and psychotherapy which all can tackle sleeplessness and reduce the level of stress hormones. Evidence has proved that stress comes from within the body as well as being affected by outside factors.

Often medications given to relieve the symptoms of depression or stress can actually have very adverse effects on the skin, especially as mental health is obviously the priority, at the time of intervention, and it is only later that the fragile state of the skin is noted.

Anti depressants in particular can leave a person’s skin looking dull and lifeless. Psychodermatology uses natural methods to heal the mind often using music and massages and considers the skin within the treatments provided.

It is a complete approach and Musaph described it perfectly, the study of psychological variables related to the onset, course and treatment of skin diseases.

He also believed that contact between a mother and a child by their skin essential for a healthy emotional life. He died aged seventy seven and was delighted that the area of psychodermatology had received an increase of interest amongst the medical profession.


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