Retaining Water Loss For Best Skin Care!

What is the first thing people notice about you? It is your face.

Best skin care is important for making your face look great. The main point in best skin care is moisturizing your skin.

Moisture in your skin is important because it maintains softness and elasticity and is responsible for the skin to look youthful.

The flat overlapping dead cells of the stratum corneum forms a natural barrier against water loss.

This layer contains chemicals which help in retaining water in the skin. Sebum prevents water loss by forming a hydro-lipidic film which holds onto the water.Best Skin Care

Moisture for best skin care! The water content, which is the means for moisture, is lost from the skin surface continuously. The main factors for the loss of water from skin are outer horny layer or stratum corneum and the invisible hydro-lipidic film that covers the skin surface.

Insufficient water can result in flaky, fragile and dry skin. If further moisture is lost, your skin cracks and becomes painful. Some soaps reduce the skin’s ability to retain water because they damage the natural moisturizing factors and also remove the oil from the hydro-lipidic film.

Some cleansers, which are unsuitable for your skin, can also dehydrate your skin. Therefore for best skin care, moisturizing your skin is very much important.

Skin protection from sun! Ultra violet rays affect your skin in several ways. With increased production of melanin, UVB (medium wave) rays increases pigmentation.

The darker the skin color, the more melanin the skin has for protection. With exposure to UV rays, your skin becomes thick. Both these changes provide natural barrier for your skin and protecting your skin from other side effects of the sun.

Best skin care required for fair people! Dark colored people have natural protection from the effects of sun because of presence of large amounts of melanin in their skin.

But, fair people have limited natural protection from sun rays and need to take care of their skin. Fair people have to take of their skin by wearing apparel, using sun shades and protective creams.

Protective creams for best skin care! Protective creams work in two ways: they reflect off the ultraviolet rays or they absorb them before they can do any damage. To reflect off the UV rays, the cream should be applied thickly. The absorbent type of lotions absorbs UVB, allowing UVA to pass through. The skin creams also help in anti aging.

Sunscreens for best skin care! Sunscreen lotions are safe for best skin care except they cause slight skin dryness.

Sunscreens have sun protection factor which protects the skin from sunburns. Before using sunscreen lotion, test the product by applying small amount of lotion to limited area of the skin.

Don’t ignore other skin changes! As your age increases, you can notice changes in your skin. Wrinkles, dryness and irregularities in color appear. Your skin becomes thick and collagen is less evenly distributed.

So, your skin loses its elasticity and suppleness and becomes wrinkled. When you notice skin changes, do not ignore the changes as the changes can become cancerous.


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