Reverse Aging Naturally By Controlling The Aging Factors!

agingThe process of becoming older usually refers to aging and it occurs due to an increase in body’s acidic waste products.

As age progresses, the skin lose its moisture and suppleness, where wrinkle and age spots become evident on face and other areas of the body.

However, you can reverse aging by eliminating these waste products.

People usually consider to reverse aging for two reasons: to get a healthy skin and youthful look, and to extend the lifespan. Determining and controlling the factors responsible for aging can reverse aging naturally.

Stress: It is a major factor responsible for early aging. According to the researches, it has been found that people who undergo regular stress can age much early than the natural aging process.

The part of the DNA that control aging of the cells is damaged with over stress and leads to the development of aging symptoms such as fine lines, age spots and wrinkles.

Stress control is the best method to reverse aging. Regular exercise is the best stress reliever. Stress is relieved through exercises because it helps in the production of endomorphins that keeps the brain in a good state of mind and a feeling of well being. It has been proved that following an exercise routine helps to keep your stress in control.

Sufficient amount of sleep and rest plays a vital role in reducing stress. Therefore, it is good to take 8 hours of sleep each day. Lack of sleep in daily routine is the main cause of stress in most of the people today. Taking a short nap in the day also help in reducing work related stress.

Also, find out the activities that you enjoy doing and schedule the tasks as a part of your daily routine. Doing so, the psychological effect of doing the tasks keeps your mind in subconscious mode where worries and tensions stay away from your thoughts.

Watching your favorite movie, listening to favorite music, reading book gives a kind of relaxation to the mind and obviously, stress will be reduced. Meditation, yoga, posing asanas, and massage are all good ways of stress reduction.

Diet: It plays a vital role in the aging process. Diet can accelerate or decelerate the aging process depending upon the diet you follow. The best diet in decreasing the aging process is a calorie restricting diet.

Following a calorie restricted diet controls blood pressure and increases lifespan. Also, ensure that your diet contains all vitamins, as they are the good sources of antioxidants to counteract free radicals that cause the process of aging quickly.

Water: It is a good source of hydration. If the skin is properly hydrated, the skin remains supple and reverses the aging process. So, ensure that you drink lot of water daily. It helps to deactivate the effect of acids in the aging process by removing toxins.

Sun Exposure: Over exposure to the sun is a major factor in the early aging process. Exposure to the sun causes the ultraviolet rays to reduce skin moisture and this in turn develops and reveals age spots and wrinkles. However, protection to the skin is given easily by staying at home during afternoons, walking in the shady regions when the effects of sun are at its most potent.

Life style: Regular habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and caffeine are the most dangerous factors that speed up the process of aging. These lifestyle habits promotes toxins rate in the body where the toxins damages the cells that control aging. Therefore, it is good to give up these habits gradually, as one may find it difficult to stop all of a sudden.


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