5 Tips For Living With Sensitive Skin

Does your skin break out if you use a different soap, or wear a new piece of clothing before washing it? If so, you may have sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin can be caused by allergies to specific liquids, material types, or gasses in the air.

In the least bothering form your skin may become red, or you may develop hives.

However, with the worst reaction you may develop a rash that lasts for days or weeks. You may even need to get a shot to stop the rash from spreading, or to make it go away.sensitive skin care

If you suffer with sensitive skin there are things you can do to stop the breakouts, and enjoy a healthy life. Consider the following five steps you can take to find relief.

Step One: Avoid Perfumes and Color Dyes

Most lotions, hair care products, and make up products contain perfumes and color dyes. Even lotions that appear white will have some colors in them to maintain the bright white appearance.

If the ingredients label says fragrance or a color such as red 40, you should avoid it.  If you experience dry skin that becomes itchy or scaly, you may want to avoid products that contain alcohol as well.

Step Two: Buy All Natural

Many beauty products today are made with natural products such as oatmeal or essential oils. There are a number of health food stores which carry natural lotions and beauty products today.

You can also go online to find natural beauty products. While these products will be much easier on the skin, they do not last as long as commercial grade beauty products. Therefore, you may want to buy the products in smaller quantities.

Step Three: Test Products before Using Them

If you want to limit the reaction you develop, you should try any new products on a small area of skin. Areas such as behind the ear, or the underside of the wrist, are very sensitive.

When you buy a new product try it on one of these areas first. You can apply the new product to this area for a few minutes and then wash it off. Wait until the next day to see if a rash or irritation develops. If not, you can proceed with using the product.

Step Four: Find a Regimen

The easiest way to avoid reactions and breakouts is to stick with the products your skin is used to. Once you know which products work for you, and don’t cause a break out, stick with them. It may take a while to discover which products you can use, but the effort will be worth it.

Step Five: Get an Allergy Test

If you break out a lot you may want to have an allergy test completed. Your physician can schedule the appointment for you. Once you have completed the test you will know which products and ingredients you are allergic to.

You can then avoid them when you are buying beauty products. This is an expensive test to have completed, but you may save money in the long run by avoiding products you won’t be able to use.


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