Homemade Cosmetic Remedies More Effective Than Chemicals

homemade remediesHomemade cosmetic remedies are a great alternative for those people with sensitive skin.

The creams, cleansers and oils produced by renowned cosmetic brands often cause allergies or irritation to sensitive skin.

A natural nourishing agent and skin peeling treatment for skin care is yoghurt.

With natural yogurt one can prepare a mask, using a few tablespoons of yoghurt and one of flour, then apply it directly on the face, arms and hands.

The mask must then be washed off after fifteen minutes using cold water, moisturizing the skin with vitamin E or aloe Vera oil. This treatment is excellent for all sensitive skins and will also treat blotchy skin and lighten age spots.

Cold towel masks are also recommended for younger looking skin; if applied regularly your skin will eventually seem to regenerate and take years off your face.

Egg whites can also be used to prepare facial masks; these help cleanse and moisturize the skin.

In general the use of home made remedies will avoid the loss of our natural skin oils and keep the skin’s level of resistance high, against everyday damaging agents.

Other cosmetic products found on the market can be aggressive and leave our skin dependent on the substances contained in the products.


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