List of 5 Mistakes to Avoid if you have Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin always has special needs, if you go on the usual path of skin regime you are bound to face too many complications like acne, wrinkles, burning sensation, itching and may be unwanted eruptions as well. It is indeed difficult to treat and maintain sensitive skin as it can get irritated with the slightest triggers.

Common symptoms that will help you to understand if you have sensitive skin are rashes, stinging, redness, eczema, acne, dryness, and rosacea. Most of the fair skinned Caucasian women are known to have sensitive skin. Although it is challenging but sensitive skin can be well maintained and kept calm and clean if you get cautious and avoid committing the following mistakes.

mistakes to avoid if you have sensitive skin1. Excessive Washing or Cleansing with a Harsh Cleansing Agent

The basic rule to clean face is to wash it minimum twice a day – once in morning and once at night to avoid the dirt and pollution set into your pores. Once you have a sensitive skin you will have to be careful; don’t get over protective and wash face more than twice. A wrong cleanser can irritate your skin; choose sulfate-free or milk cleanser that retains the moisture in your skin. Chemical based cleansers are not the right ones as they will make you feel dry and tight. Do not rub dry your face, just pat it gently.

2. Hard Exfoliation with Facial Scrubs

Stay away from the harsh scrubs that have bigger exfoliating particles. It will irritate your skin and lead to dryness, redness, and also acne. No need to rule out scrubbing from your regime – but just be careful to choose the right product. Scrubs with smaller grains, castor oil and glycerine can be ideal for you. Avoid scrubbing every day, only twice a month facial scrubbing is enough. Immediately after scrubbing use rejuvenating face mask to restore the natural moisture in your skin.

3. Moisturising too much

Your sensitive skin does need hydration but too much moisturiser is not the solution as that will disrupt the usual sebum production and it will lead your skin to become reliant on moisture giving a dull appearance. Too much of moisturiser clogs the pores and breakouts. Moisture your skin only twice a day, minimal massaging and use the specific product for sensitive skin.

4. Not Doing Patch Test

This is a grave mistake that most of the people do despite having sensitive skin. When you buy a new product, a patch test is compulsory. Or else the triggering agent can cause strange reactions on the skin if it disagrees with the product. Back of the neck is the ideal position for patch test; apply small amount of the new product to this area and see the effects till 24 hours. If your skin does not show any discomfort then the product is just right for you.

5. Using too many New Products at a Time

Your skin is not as compatible as others thus do not apply too many new products to it at a time. Use one product at a time and that too after checking the labels very well and performing the patch test. One product a week is enough not more than that. In this way you can strike off the product that is not suiting you. Using too many at a time will surely irritate your skin and you would also not understand which product is causing the disturbance. Skin products with fragrances and perfumes are not recommended as they have irritants, instead select the ones that have gentle essential oils like rose, lavender, and jasmine.

Taking care of sensitive skin is not really very tough, minimal products and proper regular cleansing and moisturising can keep your skin fresh and free of skin troubles.


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