Significance Of Glycerin In Skin Care!

Glycerin is most commonly used in many skin care products, as it is best natural alcohol and water attractor of skin, which helps in giving an enhanced look for your skin.

This fluid is readily available in its pure state in many beauty and grocery stores.

Many researchers believe that glycerin can help in treating many skin conditions like psoriasis and certain non-melanoma cancers of skin that mainly result from abnormal production and maturation of your skin cells, It also has augmented wound-healing properties.Glycerin

Glycerin plays a vital role in build up of your skin structure. Many cosmetic products contain glycerin as one of its ingredients. It has been used in wide variety of skincare products since many years. It plays a key role in layering of skin and serves for many other purposes of your health.

Glycerin can serve you in many specific purposes including skin. Some of them include:

  • Glycerin is a non toxic product which has no side effects, when mixed with water and also with any other delivery system.
  • It should not be used in its pure form as it has more water drawing properties.
  • As glycerin has sweet tasting properties, it can be used in preparing food for flavoring. Unlike sugar, it will not increase the blood sugar levels in your body and it can also be used in cosmetics and other personal hygienic products.
  • It is very useful in moistening the dry skin.
  • Soaps made with glycerin are very gentle and do not cause any irritation for your skin and they are very fine to use on your children’s skin.
  • It acts as humectant and helps in restoring the water levels in your skin and prevents dryness of your skin.
  • Wrinkles on your skin mainly occur due to loss of water, elasticity and moisture in your skin. So, this glycerin mainly helps in rejuvenating your skin and restoring water in your skin.
  • As your age increases, the resources of your skin start depleting and cannot be restored by your body. So, by using glycerin, your skin resources get enhanced.
  • It is also used for soothing the symptoms of eczema [Eczema Treatment] and avoids the itchiness and dryness of your skin.

A small recipe for making glycerin skin gel:

Glycerin is an excellent emollient and is very good for dry skin. This small recipe for your dry skin using glycerin can help you in restoring the moisture on skin.

Take five teaspoons of gelatin and dissolve it well in 2-1\4 cups of hot water. Allow it to cool to lukewarm and then add three table spoons of glycerin to warm solution. You can also add few drops of oil based perfume or any essential oils like rose oil. Apply it on your skin to restore the moisture of the skin.

These are the most useful benefits of glycerin. If you are suffering with dry skin problems, then you can use glycerin for your skin. As word of caution, seek medical advice from your dermatologist before using glycerin products and check whether it is suitable for your skin.


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