Skin Care Tips for Your Little One

A baby’s skin may be the softest, smoothest thing you ever felt, and baby’s delicate skin needs that much more care as well. Here are some baby skin care tips that you can use:

Skin contact

A lot of recent research has shown how important “kangaroo care” or skin to skin contact between baby and parent is, particularly during the first few weeks. It means tactile enjoyment for baby and for parents and it also means less crying and better weight gain.

Baby Skin Care Tips

Skin problems you need not worry about

Newborn babies tend to have a surface layer of dry flaky skin that seems to be peeling. This will resolve within a few weeks. Then there is baby acne that could occur due to hormonal exposure in the womb, or tiny white pimples called milai that will go away on their own after a while. Cradle cap, prickly heat etc., can also be easily resolved; ask your pediatrician how.

Avoiding diaper rash

To prevent this painful and irritating condition, firstly make sure that poopy nappies are changed immediately. Even otherwise nappies should be changed regularly and urine should not be allowed to be in contact with the skin for long.

Use unscented wipes, and don’t rub them. Be gentle with the diaper area skin. Use a barrier cream containing zinc oxide and leave it on when you change diapers. Most of all, expose baby’s diaper area skin to the air as frequently and for as long as possible.

If a diaper rash is persistent, bleeds or has pus, report it.

Other tips for newborn skin care

Don’t use talcum, your baby’s skin doesn’t need it and the fine particles of the talcum may end up being inhaled by your baby. In fact less is more with baby skin care. Use as few skin care products as possible.

For instance your baby doesn’t need hair conditioner, a mild shampoo will do. Dry skin may need a mild, unscented baby lotion; there is no need for creams and other unguents.

Make sure that the detergent you use is gentle as well. That could be the culprit causing skin irritationfor your baby.

Sun exposure is important for babies but sun protection is also important. For the first six months, avoid using sunscreen and protect baby’s skin by exposing it to the sun for only about 10 minutes a day.

As far as possible, avoid fragrances, phthalates, parabens, and dyes in baby skin care products.


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