Skin Care Tips for You This Valentine’s Day

We made a compilation of some useful videos about skin care, sorting out minor problems as our gift to our readers this Valentine’s Day.

Take a look at videos from everyday peoplewho share their tips for skin care and great looking skin –

The Toothbrush skin care routine may sound a little weird, but this one got thumbs up from plenty of users!

This one involves using an electric toothbrush to help massage and exfoliatethe skin.

And then it involves using some good old aspirin to bring out the best in your skin, topped up by some buffing!

Skin care routine for flawless skin here speaks about the importance of drinking enough water and all the reasons why we should be drinking plenty of water. Also includes other skin care tips.

Here is a video by someone who has very oily acne prone skin, a situation that is exacerbated by stress. She shares her tips and tricks for keeping acne at bay. She suggests her morning routines and shares what her dermatologist prescribes for her.

This video shares some step by step instructions about the night time skin care routine, telling not only what to use, but also showing how to use it.


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