4 Fall Skin Care Tips

The changing of seasons is known to be brutal for the skin however with a little bit of TLC, you can make sure your skin doesn’t take a beating even in fall. Here are somehealthy fall skin care tips from licensed aesthetician Leann Widcamp of the Aesthetics Center –


1. The fall weather can be drying for the skin, so your first line of defense would be proper moisturizing of skin. Use skin and season appropriate moisturizers to keep skin properly hydrated, soft and supple.

2. And don’t forget to moisturize oily skin as well. We have said it before but it bears repeating, that there is a difference between oil and moisture, and when the skin is dry it compensates by producing more oil so paradoxically to keep skin from producing excess oil and sebum you need to moisturize it properly; even oily skin.

3. A sunscreen is a must all the year around. Just because the sun’s rays seem to have just got a little less fierce, doesn’t  mean they will do less damage to the skin. Prevent age spots, drying and premature aging of the skin by using good quality sun screen.

4. There is probably a layer of dead skin obscuring the freshest layer of your skin, and microderm abrasion or a chemical peel in fall will probably help you remove that exposing your smooth and glowing complexion from beneath.


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