5 Top Winter Skin Care and Make Up Tips – Part 2

winter-makeupLashing cold winds outside and dehydrating dry air indoors mean that your skin needs special attention in winter. Here are the top tips for makeup and skin care during winter –

1. The autumn winter trends this year point to tobacco colored eye shadow for the eyelid to produce a very current look.

2. Before you apply mascara, curl your eyelashes. This helps make your eyes look larger and more alert. Use plenty of black mascara to make your eyelashes look bigger and longer, making sure there is no clumping or goop getting stuck in between lashes.

3. Take care not to let your lips dry out in this season. Use products containing lanolin, not just for cracked lips but also for other parts of the body that have dry and itchy skin. This can also work to smooth split end hairs.

4. One thing we tend to overlook in winter is our hands. Peeling cuticles, cracked skin and knuckles can be quite common during winter, so make sure you moisturize hands well during the day and night. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves when working with water or cleaning products.

5. Keep your hands looking great by using some glamorous nail paint.


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