10 Surprising Celebrity Skin Care Tips

You and I may think that celebrity skin care may be a long and involved and expensive process, but some of the tips and tricks that celebrities use to get that flawless glowing skin may just surprise you:

1. Soap

Yes good old soap does it for Jennifer Anniston, who recommends Neutrogena’s fragrance freecleansing bar which she says is perfect for her skin

Celebrity-Skin-Care-Tips2. Baking soda

Queen Latifah says she has been using baking soda for years for washing her face, because it gives her a glow!

3. DIY exfoliation using honey and moisturizer

Molly Sims uses her own concoction made from honey and moisturizer to exfoliate the skin of her face. Other celebs recommend natural scrubs such as oatmeal or a natural face pack using nothing but egg whites or mashed peaches.

4. Sun protection

This is one part of skin care that most celebs seem to swear by. Come rain or shine, the sun screen must be dabbed on. Important tip: clean it off before bed each night to prevent clogged pores.

5. Remove make up before hitting the sack

This is another beauty mantra to follow religiously: remove all make up before bed each night, including the mascara because it stiffens eyelashes and could cause them to break while you sleep.

6. Clean you cell phone

Bet this one surprised you! But the fact is that the cell phone is a magnet for dirt, sweat and bacteria which you then press to your face. So take the time to regularly disinfect your phone using a bit of rubbing alcohol and cotton.

7. Take care of skin all over

Many of us concentrate only on the facial skin forgetting the rest of the face. But exfoliating skin all over the body is important: Molly Sims recommends dry brushing skin using a brush just before showering.

8. Water and rest

For R&B singer Rhianna, its simple – rest and plenty of water helps retain the elasticity of her skin.

9. Olive Oil

This is what Emily Blunt swears by: olive oil for the face to get healthy, soft, moisturized skin. Olive oil is great so long you don’t have oily, acne prone skin.

10. Fish and leafy greens

For Gwyneth Paltrow, who follows the advice of dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, it is two servings of fish per day and lots of leafy green veggies that gives her skin that glow.


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